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Fast Accredited Degree

Is it possible to get a fast accredited degree? 

If you are just coming to the realization of the advantages of having several degrees to your name then you are late, get on board with fast accredited degree to be at par with the others. In the current fast-paced-world, no one wants to spend years trying to get a degree. We all want to get them quickly preferably through online university degree, which many find convenient. This has lead to many online schools popping up which promise to give fast accredited degrees. However, caution should be taken when choosing which institution to get the online university degree.

The high demand of fast accredited degrees has made many people to fall prey of online scams perpetrated by shady companies. These companies commonly known as degree mills offer the online university degrees to anyone willing to pay.  They promise people a no class, no coursework offer and legitimate degrees.  How do they do this? They award these degrees based on life experience only. There are genuine accredited colleges that give online university degrees based on life experience but in addition to some sort of coursework that you have to do to earn the credit. However, for these degree mills they realize that you are after a smooth and fast accredited degree and take advantage of you. Not only do you throw away your money but also you career, pension, severance pay and risk getting into a lawsuit. It is unethical and illegal in some states to use the online university degrees from these degree mills to get hired or get promoted. Did you know that Laura Callahan who was the deputy chief information officer at the department of homeland security is just one of the many government officials currently under investigation by the senate for using unearned degrees in their job applications and resumes?

You must be wondering how do you differentiate these degree mills from genuine online colleges when looking for a fast accredited degree? What you need to know is that there are legitimate and reputable institutions that offer fast accredited degree. It is important to do research on institutions that offer online university degrees before settling on one to get the fast accredited degree. The key things you will need to check on include:

  1. Do an evaluation of the institution offering you the fast accredited degree. Check the profile of of other graduates from that school, what did they do, where are they working, what position do they hold in the society and are they able to get into graduate schools? In addition, check if the school is reputable overall. Most states have a database of substandard and reputable schools.
  2. Evaluate the online university degrees that are being offered by the institution. Find out what their graduation requirements are for earning a fast accredited degree. What do they consider as prior learning and how many credits will they grant you for that prior learning. Most legitimate and reputable online schools offering fast accredited degree will give you a maximum of two years worth of credit for prior learning, and may or may not include your life experience.
  3. Confirm whether the school is accredited or not. This is the most important aspect you have to check on when getting an online university degree. How can they offer you a fast accredited degree when they are not accredited by educational bodies? You should get an online university degree from a duly accredited institution that has been accredited by a legitimate state-approved accreditation body. The Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA) and the Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA) are not legitimate accreditation bodies. If an institution has been accredited by either of these two bodies then it not legitimate. To be on the safe side when checking the accreditation for an institution you want to get the fast accredited degree from visit the council for higher education to check whether the institution is accredited.
  4. The other thing you need to evaluate about the institution offering online university degree is their teaching staff. What percentage of their staff has doctorate degrees or masters degrees in the field they are teaching? Have they published anything, how many of them and where have they published? This is important in knowing the credentials of the teaching staff. Also, find out the student/faculty ratio.

It is possible to get a fast accredited degree that is legitimate and acceptable in the job market. All you need to do is carry a thorough investigation of each institution and the online university degree programs they offer to ensure that you are utilizing your money well.

How much do you know about it ?

Scam University Diplomas Can Get You a Job and a Raise

Aside from making it easier to get a job, in some professions such as teaching, proving that you have an advanced continuing education certificate or higher education degree can lead to a pay raise. In 2003, about a dozen teachers in Georgia who claimed to have Doctoral degrees from the bogus Saint Regis University were caught.

Fake Online College Diplomas and Degrees

How Legit is an Online University Degree? The Truth About Online College Diplomas

It is easier than ever to get a college degree! Whether or not you graduated from the school is now irrelevant! On the other hand, the fastest growing sector in the world of higher education is “distance education” where one can attain an undergraduate and graduate education, specialized certification, or professional degree through the Internet. This article discusses the two main areas regarding online college degrees. One involves fraudulent online degrees and the other concerns the wave of intensive growth in distance education.


Universities are a strange breed. They are non-profit institutions that are looking to make a profit and stay alive, amid a plethora of competition. The statistics behind online universities is impressive. International Data Corporation Online recently reported that online universities are growing by 33% annually. The largest and most well-known is the University of Phoenix – Online which is their cyber-branch, so to speak. They are clearly in the for-profit university category and are raking it in.

Just like regular businesses saving money by running an online store without a brick and mortar location, these universities profit by not having to set aside the physical space and facilities. They also target people around the world, regardless of geographic location.

“…How bad is this educational fraud? Some of these websites offer to graduate you with honors for an additional fee…”


The truth is, schools that are accredited offer diplomas that are really worthwhile. For geographic, financial, or quality of life (such as limited time) reasons, completing a legitimate degree online can be satisfactory. The majority of real universities do accept applications from potential students who have completed prior degrees online. This is true for both undergraduate and graduate-level candidates.

According to Vicky Phillips, CEO of GetEducated.com, the hottest online university degree is the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA). More students are working on their MBA through an online university than for any other area of study that is offered by legitimate Internet-based institutions.

As with any business, there are many competitors and scam artists trying to get in on the action. Scam universities are popping up all over the Internet and in some cases, it is difficult to stop them. There are clear differences between legitimate online degrees and fake diplomas.


Fraudulent degree website companies are frequently called ‘degree mills’ due to their rapid production and distribution of fake diplomas. Many of them have been around for decades and are exploiting the Internet to increase sales.


Most of the online universities function in the same manner. They offer credit for life experience. Essentially, all one must do is demonstrate their life experiences and pay the university’s fees (typically several hundred dollars), and they will mail you a diploma. At face value this sounds good since many people do have more practical experience than a formal education.

You can also get a transcript with artificial grades and a list of courses for which you received ‘equivalency’ for life experience. How bad is this educational fraud? Some of these diploma mill websites offer to graduate you with honors for an additional fee!!

The problem is that under most state and federal laws, “life experience” can only account for a small minority of the student’s overall degree-related credit. Degree mills ignore that fact and frequently claim to be accredited by official agencies which are equally bogus, in practice.


The Diploma itself typically looks impressive and is indistinguishable from a real college or university diploma. Moreover, the names of these online “institutions” generally sound great, mimicking real universities.

Clearly the companies offering these diplomas have no integrity and worse, they make the rest of us who have worked hard for our degrees come into question.


In May of 2004, an investigation revealed that nearly 500 government employees got their jobs by claiing they had degrees from these diploma mills. This included 28 high ranking officials and 3 with US high level security clearance.

In late 2003, a Maryland investigation resulted in the firing of a newly appointed Homeland Security director on his first day of work after it was discovered that he included a La Salle University “PhD” on his resume with his application for employment. House Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis has stated that “public trust in government is a key pillar of our democracy. There is no place for diploma mill degree holders to work in our government, especially when we are talking about homeland security. ”


There has been a crackdown on many of these companies which is good news for people who have legitimately worked hard to achieve their diplomas. In fact, these companies basically set up a website and sold a piece of paper. That’s what it comes down to. They all claim to check your previous coursework and prior life experience but that is rarely the case. Visit their website, pay by credit card and you’ll have a diploma within days.

The scary part of this whole scam is the range of degrees offered. You can get an Associates Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate, Law School Diploma, and even a Medical School Diploma. Imagine someone with a fake degree operating on you!

While some states are investigating fraudulent online universities, others such as Hawaii, Wyoming, and Montana actually allow them to exist and sell diplomas under the agreement that they have some sort of real world presence within their state.


How can you recognize a legitimate online college or university? One superficial way that will work in most cases is to look at the actual web address. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the international organization that dispenses domain names (web addresses). Websites offering commercial products and services end in .com and non-profit organizations end in .org. Officially accredited schools typically receive the .edu designation. For example, Stanford University’s web address is Stanford.edu.

It is easy to get a .com or .org designation since anyone can go to a domain name registration website and purchase the name for about $25/year. However, it is somewhat difficult to obtain a .edu domain name so the first thing to check is the web address itself which can give you a clue as to whether or not the “college” is real or a company looking to make a quick and easy profit by selling you a piece of paper for a few hundred dollars.

If you are curious about the validity of a given school or website you can read the list of accredited schools and check with the US Department of Education for detailed information. This is also a great list of universities that are sketchy.


Completing a degree using a college or university that is online can be fulfilling, constructive, and beneficial provided that the school is legitimate.

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