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Finding A Job

1. List down what you like doing or the field of the online university degree you have pursued. Create a list of things you like doing while paid or not for this is the starting point. There are certainly some things you can do no matter the circumstances, if you had the opportunity, just write them down… I know of a woman who liked and loves making deserts, surprising people with birthday wishes and creating designer cakes. While finding a job, she got an amazing job in a local bakery of decorating cakes, and now, because she loves doing this job so much, she recently won a baking contest. Her employer raised her salary and increased her decorating team, this is because the employer noticed her love for the job and her skills didn’t go unnoticed.

2. While finding a job, just focus on things you like doing in order to improve the skills that you already have for the benefits of your employer. Note down all the skills that you have that are of benefit to others. You may be just good in folding, organizing and putting away laundry, the purpose is just to find out your skill set, then create a workable list which will benefit your employer, based on what you like to and what you do best.

How much do you know about it ?

Light shedding tips when finding a job

As lightning bolts rarely strike the same place twice, in the same way finding a job should not be considered that unlikely. However, getting good education like an accredited online university degree will increase your chances of finding a job


4. Finding a job will not be easy if you don’t think in terms of what you do well, and also thinking of how you can become better at what you do best. In most communities, becoming a daycare helper, and taking classes to become a daycare provider might be a good idea. This is one of the opportunities while finding a job which are readily available. There is always a need for more daycare services and there will always be in the future, the only qualification is loving care and tenderness of heart. This is one opportunity that allows for upward mobility if one is seeking a career.

Most people while finding a job think taking a job of lesser value yet they have on campus or online university degrees changes ones options later. However, there are strong indications that while finding a job it is best to take available jobs and working through the struggles of finding a new position. In the long run proves to be of great importance, over being unemployed.

5. Its good to know that any job is worth doing well while finding a job. A job well done draws many admirers and this is regardless of the kind of the job done. There was once a trash collector, for sometime he collected trash leaving some behind which made him loose his job, not because he was not doing his work, but he was not doing it well. He tried finding a job in the same field but did not find a job as well paying as the last one. He saw an advert in a local news paper of a trash collector; he applied for it and was lucky to get it. Though the wages were not as good as the last one he just chose to have it. He had learned his lesson and was doing his job very well until the boss noticed it. His salary was increased and he was paid a double pay to teach other drivers the secret of his job. While finding a job the greatest benefit of doing work well is that people notice it. Regardless of the job type, go an extra mile and do the job more than what is expected. The fact is that now this trash collector is an Executive Trainer in one of the biggest trash collecting company.

In conclusion, finding a job can also simply mean just being in the right place. However you can increase your chances by buying an online university degree or enrolling for the various online university degree programs offered online.

Our Clients
I started up my business when I was 22 years old and I was a very dedicated entrepreneur.  I was a self taught computer science expert but I lack of any academic qualification.  It is very difficult for me to manage my staffs because they are all university graduates.  I am not able to use my degree from OKdegree.com to convince my staff that I have more real world knowledge than they have.  In addition, this qualification is a plus when I put into the government tender to increase my winning chance.


United Kingdom

I was a self taught computer scientist by the time I was 22 and have run several successful websites. Before getting my university degree from you, I worked in a multinational IT corporation. The lack of university qualification meant that I didn’t even get to the interview stage and was passed over for less experienced university graduates, but no knowledge of REAL WORLD Information Technology Management.   The first job I applied for after getting my university degree from OKDegree.com  resulted in being called to a job  interview. I was offered a job few days later for a good salary package after I demonstrate my skills during the interview. If I don’t have an university degree, I would not able to come up in this level.


South Korea

When I renewed my passport including details of my new Doctorate. Without a specific request, my new passport included an entry in the special observations section to the effect that the holder of the passport was ‘Dr’ and not ‘Mr’. I have found that when traveling I enjoy an enhanced level of courtesy.


South Africa

After getting my doctorate degree, I presented my passport and credit card to buy my air ticket.  I had changed my passport and credit card to my new reference of my title.  When the ticket was printed and I was told to check in in counter number 12.  The queue is at least 50 people in that counter.  After 10 minute wait, I was told to counter 11 by a charming crew from Air France.  The counter was opened especially for me to check in my baggage.  I am surprised the level of courtesy I get from my Doctorate degree.



I am self employed and put the two titles from my Degrees, BA and MBA on my letterhead and my business card.  Although my business does not require a university degree, I have noticed there is a sharp increase in clients seeking my services. In addition, I have also noticed they bargain less to my fees and estimates and my clients fully trusted of my professional service and advise based on my professional degree from your university.



I have never been offered as many loans by my bank as I have since beginning to use my Doctoral Title.  This degree open up my chance of getting opportunities.


Hong Kong

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